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CHARGES FOR PAPER (Inlcuding Digital Certificate) AND MEMBERSHIP

Publication of research papers in our journal is free, you can send your manuscript for free. There are limited charges for the online management of the papers and the online management limited charge is charged to each paper and this is to maintain the quality of the organization. We shall approach you as soon as we accept your paper about the required charges of the paper which is very limited.

You can submit your paper to our  editor

Research papers (for up to three Authors) 80$ 
Research Papers(SAARC for up to three Authors) Rs 1500.00 
Conceptual Student Papers(SAARC for up to three Authors) Rs 1500.00 

For SAARC countries and Developing countries, Nominal paper fee is considered and Rs up listed is in IC(Indian Currency) and if paper contain more than 3 authors, for each extra author we charge 500 IC.

 If any Research Paper consist only one author then following processing charge will be considered

For One Author Paper final processing charge would be Rs 1000 for Review and 1250 for Research Paper (SAARC) and $50 (Other Country) 


The Detail of Account for sending the payment are

TRANSFER THE CHARGES TO- We will update after the paper is being selected through E-mail.

We have Bank Deposit facility, Online Banking Facility, Paypal Option, Remit Facility as Western Union and many other alternative for payment. 


For Membership  






NOTE- Every accepted processed paper will be uploaded within 3 days and digital Certificates will be provided without any extra charges and once accepted paper in our journal can't be withdraw so we request you not to process your paper to any other journal unless our decision is not announced. This deeds may create problem to the author. If you wish to publish in other journal then we do not appreciate you to submit your paper to IJERGS

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